Creating a Project

This step-by-step guide covers how to create your project.

First, you need to provide some general information about your project.

This step must be completed before you move on to other steps.

To create a project for the first time, connect your wallet to Getpass and click Add Project.

Then you need to choose a blockchain for your project.

Start with Cathegory. If you choose Place you need to additionally specify Location and if you choose Event - Location and Start date.

Next, you'll need to specify Title and Description(optional).

You also need to upload Logo and Cover image that represent your project.

Now add Website link(optional) and Sales start date.

Then you need to choose Payment currency - either ETH (Sepolia Ethereum) or USDT (Tether).

You will be able to change Payment currency only via transaction on the blockchain.

Finally, you need to set Payout address(es). When you want to receive the revenue from the sale of your NFTs, it will be sent to the address(es) you specified in the percentage that you set.

This means that if you set a 30% payout to one address and a 65% payout to another address, when a withdrawal is made, 30% of the revenue will be sent to the first address and 65% to the second address.


Next step is to customize your future NFT passes and set individual parameters for each of them.

Customizing Passes

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