Distribution of Passes

This step-by-step guide covers how to distribute your passes.

After you’ve published your project, you get access to Dashboard. Use Dashboard for viewing mint statistics, project and passes editing, doing withdrawals.

Click Integrations to see distribution options: Mint Page, Mint Widget and Teleram Bot.

Mint Page

Once your project is published, a unique Mint Page is automatically generated for you. With Mint Page, your customers have the ability to mint NFT passes directly on the platform. You can easily share the link with your community. This enables them to access your project's information and mint NFT passes.

pageMint Page Guide

Mint Widget

Mint Widget integration allows you to seamlessly showcase and sell your NFT pass collection to your audience without them leaving your site. Also Mint Widget ensures fast sales process for your NFT passes, enabling customers to acquire your digital assets efficiently. This helps you monetize your project while maintaining the highest level of security for both buyers and sellers.

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Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot is an efficient solution to monetize your content directly within the Telegram app. You can effortlessly verify NFT holders and extend exclusive invitations to your private channel.

pageTelegram Bot Guide


Next step is to learn how to verify the ownership of customer passes.

pageVerification of Passes

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