Getpass ecosystem offers Getpass for Creators, a user-friendly service for creating and publishing Web3 projects, and a suite of integrations called Getpass Apps for selling and verifying NFT passes. With high-level security, seamless user experiences, and a range of features, Getpass empowers creators to easily navigate Web3 world and monetize their businesses.

Getpass for Creators

Getpass for Creators is a web-based service that empowers creators to easily create and publish NFT projects on the blockchain. With Getpass for Creators, you can enjoy a comprehensive set of Web3 features, including:

  • Seamless login with popular external wallets like Metamask and WalletConnect.

  • Flexible cryptocurrency options for creating projects and issuing NFT passes.

  • Built-in module for secure blockchain transactions.

  • Dashboard that provides valuable insights into minting statistics.

  • Convenient editing capabilities for projects and passes.

  • Hassle-free crypto withdrawals.

Getpass for Creators also offers access to Getpass Apps, a suite of integrations designed to facilitate the sale and verification of passes.

Mint Widget

Mint Widget is a powerful web3 tool designed to enhance your product website and streamline NFT sales. Here's an overview of its key features:

  • Enhanced user experience: Mint Widget integration allows you to seamlessly showcase and sell your NFT pass collection to your audience without them leaving your site.

  • Quick and secure NFT mint: Mint Widget ensures fast mint process for your NFT passes, enabling customers to acquire your digital assets efficiently. This helps you monetize your project while maintaining the highest level of security for both buyers and sellers.

Mint Page

Mint Page is a platform that allows you to mint NFT passes effortlessly. Discover its main features:

  • NFT pass minting: Once your project is published, a unique Mint Page is automatically generated for you. With Mint Page, your customers have the ability to mint NFT passes directly on the platform.

  • Shareable link: Once your Mint Page is generated, you can easily share the link with your community. This enables them to access your project's information and mint NFT passes.

Check-In App

Getpass Check-In is a mobile application designed to effortlessly verify the ownership of customer passes, whether it's at a large conference or a small local business. Take a look at the highlighted features:

  • Seamless NFT verification: Use our mobile app to conveniently scan the QR code and instantly verify the authenticity and ownership of customer NFTs, ensuring a secure and reliable check-in process.

  • Centralized project management: Add all of your projects within a single app, allowing for streamlined management and easy access to various events or businesses you are associated with.

Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot is an efficient solution to monetize your content directly within the Telegram app. You can effortlessly verify NFT holders and extend exclusive invitations to your private channel. Enjoy the following key features:

  • Quick and easy setup: Get your Bot up and running in as little as 5 minutes, ensuring a seamless integration into your Telegram ecosystem.

  • NFT pass verification: Our Bot handles the verification process, allowing you to authenticate NFT holders and grant them access to your exclusive content.

  • Automatic invite to private channel: Bot will invite verified NFT holders to your private channel.

  • Simplified subscription management: Our Bot takes care of handling subscriptions for your channel, which will free you from the hassle of managing it yourself.

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