Customizing Passes

This step-by-step guide covers how to customize your passes.

After you’ve finished creating your project, click Save project and move to Passes page.

You can create various types of NFT passes for your project, each with its own unique features and price. It can be one or more passes.

To create a pass, choose light or dark theme, give it Title and Description(optional) and upload an Image.

Now set Price for a pass or make it available for free mint. The payment currency will be chosen based on your previous selection.

You will be able to change Prices only via transaction on the blockchain.

Then, set the pass's Supply, Period of validity, and Number of uses. You can choose unlimited for all these settings if you want.

You won't be able to change Supply, Period of validity, and Number of uses later.

You can add promocodes to allow mint with discount or free mint of your passes. If you choose to Add Promocode you need to specify Name, Percentage of discount and Supply.

Lastly, specify Properties - any unique value that the pass gives its holder. To Add Property you need to specify Name and Value.

To create one more pass click +.


Next step is to publish your project on the blockchain.

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